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Owner / Manager

Hello, and welcome to the day you discovered a fitness solution that changes your life. My name is Annabelle, and I’m a wife, mama of two and a former financial services exec who’s always had a passion around fitness as a lifestyle. I wanted to create something that was unique from all the studios I’ve attended over the years, something that not only would provide amazing workouts, but a sense of community, serenity and a place everyone would look forward to coming to. I wanted this studio to be what our clients look forward to the most in their day, where they check everything at the door and are greeted with smiles, get an amazing workout and leave feeling like they are on top of the world!


We are a one-stop shop for core AND cardio (Reformer Pilates, TRX, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Bootcamp, Yoga, Cardio Barre & more!). FLEXX Studios is the place that will give you the variety you need to maximize your time, money and fitness goals! Welcome to our FLEXXfam!

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Trainer / Instructor

Caroline is a NASM certified fitness professional and all-around athlete (specializing in boxing and basketball!) with a passion for helping people believe in themselves to push past their limits. She believes the key to a long-lasting relationship with fitness is a motivating community and a desire to continually challenge yourself and learn new skills. Her love for fitness started with basketball at a very young age (a sport she still plays to this day!). After an ACL tear during her last basketball season, the intense physical therapy inspired a fascination with biomechanics — and just the amazing ways our bodies can move. The rest is history! From HIIT training to strength, to boxing, barre, and dance parties in her living room, Caroline loves to challenge herself and have fun! Ultimately, she wants to help people find joy in the exploration of movement to keep strong, healthy and happy.



Trainer / Instructor

Bo is a high energy fitness instructor teaching boot camp and small group classes. He has been personal training clients for over 10 years and has training credentials through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Exercising is an activity he truly enjoys which is apparent when you take any of his challenging classes. Being able to share his passion for health and fitness with others is one of the most rewarding feelings he has ever felt. As an athlete, Bo has always pushed himself to be the best. The goals he’s accomplished through being disciplined and dedicated to fitness has impacted his life forever. It is that same impact that drives Bo to help make others’ lives better!



Trainer / Instructor

Movement and health are Kevin's passions. Kevin has been an athlete his whole life, a health coach for over 15 years, and has dedicated
countless hours to uncovering what it takes to achieve optimal results both in and outside the gym. Whether your goal is to increase muscle and joint mobility, improve athletic performance or just feel the freedom you deserve in your own body he is here to help. Kevin is passionate about being an internal part of your fitness and wellness journey towards maximal health and happiness.

Certifications include: National academy of sports medicine, TRX level 1 and 2, ACE group exercise, Z Health R phase and CrossFit Kettlebell.




Kimmy has been an inspiring and motivating Manager for our Front Desk Team and an Ambassador for our Studio for years! Now a nurse, Kimmy has a full time job nursing but still teaching Kickboxing and involved in Marketing at FLEXX! Kimmy has been an athlete her whole life specifically focused in competitive cheerleading. During her years of cheerleading she learned that good things come to those who sweat!! She was a competative cheerleader all throughout high school and into junior college. She has been kickboxing for the past three years and says its “her new found passion and she feels empowered when taking our kickboxing classes." This feeling of empowerment, strength and confidence is what she hopes everyone who attends her class leaves with. Her cardio/strength classes are challenging, dynamic and the perfect combination of hard work and fun! You’ve seen her smile at the studio now come see her be a rockstar radiating her sparkle through her high energy classes!!




Eva has been teaching classic reformer pilates classes for years. She delivers a safe and effective workout leaving everyone in class feeling challenged and at their best every class she teaches! Enjoy her in our FLEXFORMER Classic classes as well as in private and semi-private training!



Master Pilates Instructor & Trainer

Adrienne has always been drawn to an active lifestyle, so it is no surprise that she found herself fully immersed in the world of fitness.  As a well-known Pilates instructor, Adrienne brings a dynamic energy to her classes and she thrives to create classes that are challenging and results driven.

Adrienne has been motivating, inspiring and helping clients embark on their own fitness journey for twenty years.  You can find her teaching in all studios at FLEXX!



Trainer / Instructor

Shelby is a California native growing up in Long Beach. She received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University. It was while living in Phoenix where she was introduced to Pilates and immediately knew this would become her passion. Shelby believes Pilates is a continuous stage of growth. She enjoys helping clients build strength, increase flexibility, and develop a mind-body connection in their practice. She enjoys finding creative ways to help clients move their bodies while focusing on proper alignment. It is her belief that Pilates is for everybody! 


Shelby is a mother and found Pilates to be extremely beneficial in the preparation for her daughters arrival. Her certification and own experience makes her qualified to teach prenatal and postpartum Pilates. 


She is passionate in helping support clients to reach their fitness goals & improving their quality of life. In a class with Shelby you should expect to feel challenged while focusing on the Principles of Pilates. 

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Trainer / Instructor

Ignited with a passion for health and fitness, Natasha started her Pilates journey in 2001 taking Classic instruction and found herself in love!  Along the way she has taught Spinning and weight training starting at USF. Once Natasha discovered FLEXX Studios, she found herself unable to stay away.   She knew, at once, the FLEXX Method Certification was for her! More recently Natasha obtained her Classic Reformer Certification from CSM. Natasha also works as a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, helping individuals to obtain their Nutrition goals.

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Trainer / Instructor

Eddie Erfe,  BASI Pilates instructor. Her background stems from Aerial Suspension, Fitness, Yoga and Martial Arts.

Eddie's philosophy is that movement results in one being able to move better whatever the end goal might be. She considers it a great opportunity to share, with those who seek to learn more about their bodies, while developing themselves to become more fit and better for it. When away from the movement arts, she is an outdoor enthusiast, an adventure and joy seeker when out traveling.




Leah is a seasoned group fitness instructor specializing in cardio kickboxing. Her fitness journey started 20 years ago when her and her daughter enrolled in karate classes just for fun. Martial arts has since become a passion and a lifelong journey for Leah. She subsequently started teaching kickboxing at the dojo and became Tae Bo® Certified under Billy Blanks. Over the years, she honed her skills in boxing techniques, cardio and strength exercises (including HIIT and boot camp style conditioning). Leah also holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in Shorin-ryu karate.

Through years of physical training, certification classes and personal education, Leah has come to understand body dynamics and efficiency of movement. She believes life is about making the most of the present, so when you come in to train she makes sure your time is well spent!

Physical training has changed Leah's life for the better so it is so rewarding to be able to share these joys with everyone at FLEXX, either as an instructor or in class with you. Leah is personally invested in seeing each one of you reach your fitness goals.




My name is Nerrisa Lu and I am a group fitness instructor specializing in reformer pilates.

I began my fitness journey 10 years ago, searching for a perfect workout that can accommodate my heart condition (HCM). I became a instructor in 2018. I taught weekly classes up until my heart transplant in June 2020. Thankfully with all of my pilates training, I recovered quickly and was able to get back to teaching in July 2021. I want to use the experience and skills I have to help clients have a stronger, healthier, and happier life.

I couldn't be happier to be a part of the FLEXX Team and Community! I look forward to FLEXXing with you in class!

Front Desk Team


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