To get the most out of your class, plan to arrive about 15-20 minutes prior to your class start time. New clients are never allowed to enter after class has begun. If you are not signed in 5 minutes before your class, your spot may be released to someone on the waitlist.

All new clients will need to fill out a liability waiver and intake form prior to their first class and will receive a brief studio tour and introduction to your instructor prior to class.



Grippy Socks are required in all classes where tennis shoes aren’t required. You can bring your own or buy a pair at our studio. Loaners are available as well.


Tennis shoes are required for TRX FLEXX, Bootcamp XX and FLEXX.IT classes.


KNOCKOUT XX Class required hand wraps and gloves. You can rent them at the studio or they are also available for purchase.




  • We have coded keypad lockers so you can keep your belongings, including your phone, purse, jackets, keys etc, safe outside of the studio.

  • There are two bathrooms, a community locker room area as well as a women’s private locker room with hair dryer, deodorant and toiletries available. There is a large shower stocked with shampoo/conditioner and body wash as well as fresh towels on hand.

  • Free terrycloth gym towels area available for all clients



If you need to drop a class, your account will be credited the full amount you paid. This credit will be automatically applied towards your next booking. Just be sure to cancel at least 12 hours before class, otherwise no credit or package uses will be returned.

If you’re on Unlimited XX or a non-package holder, you will be charged a late cancel fee of $25 for no shows or $15 for any cancellations made within 12 hours of the class start time. For Private Sessions or Semi-Private Sessions, we require 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule or you lose your session. 

Any questions on billing can be directed to: clientrelations@flexxstudiosburlingame.com