experience variety and results in our small group classes!


FLEXXFormer Classic

FLEXXFormer Classic is our more traditional reformer class, taking the workout back to its foundation. In our 40 and 50-minute total body workout class, Pilates Classic allows for even more emphasis on breath, form, alignment, balance, flexibility and core engagement. Expect classic reformer exercises like footwork, the one hundred, elephant, rowing, frog, short spine and more. This class is perfect to mix into your routine if you are just starting your Pilates journey or looking to perfect your alignment and form for your other FLEXX classes.

  • Socks are required and grippy socks are recommended and available for purchase at the studio.



Our FLEXXFormer takes the reformer workout to a whole new level in our FLEXXFormer XX class.  Our 40 and 50-minute signature class combines Pilates with strength training and high-energy music that will keep your heart pumping throughout. Expect an intense fast-paced, total body workout that will not only sculpt and tone long lean muscles, but will improve endurance, stamina, balance, alignment and of course core strength.


  • Socks are required and grippy socks are recommended and available for purchase at the studio.



Be prepared for anything in this dynamic TRX FLEXX™ 50-minute Total Body Conditioning class that will help strengthen, lift, build and define your muscles while burning fat. We focus on a total-body approach with suspension training as the foundation of this class but be prepared to be thrown a curve ball or two! Anything goes in this class: circuits, balls, bands, floor work, balance and flexibility training, gliders and more. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! All levels are welcome, and modifications will be given to suit all needs.

  • We’ll use a TRX Suspension Trainer as well as other accessories.

  • You’ll need sneakers and water.


Knockout XX

Learn the ropes of the sweet science in our Knockout XX kickboxing class! Our core focused classes are designed to develop and perfect the fundamentals of the sport while providing an exhaustive all-over workout. Via bag drills, pad combinations, shadow-boxing and other disciplines, these technique-focused sessions will help develop timing, speed, power, technique, distance and accuracy while ensuring you get a full body workout.

  • Suitable for boxers of all levels, whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned competitor there will be something for everyone. 

  • *No fighting or physical contact. Hand wraps and gloves required.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early if you need to purchase or rent gear.

  • Socks are required. Grippy socks are recommended and available for purchase at the studio if needed.


FLEXX.IT – Strength Training

Looking to feel better? Perhaps perform better in sports or leisure activities? Want to feel stronger? If so, look no further than FLEXX.IT! With smaller class sizes and strategic programming, we focus on building strength, endurance and confidence while improving your technique and skill. Using functional training, HIIT, circuit-based cardio and resistance training, each class has a different focus to help you progress and avoid plateaus!

  • Tennis shoes are required.


Barre XX

Get ready for a serious burn with serious results! Barre XX classes are a modern take on traditional barre classes, designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism, and challenge your mind. Through a series of challenging combinations, we strengthen the muscles in your legs, glutes, arms and abs to leave you feeling leaner and longer. Our classes use gliders, bands and stability balls to engage you in a controlled and powerful full-body workout that increases muscle definition, burns body fat and reduces stress. 

  • Props and accessories are incorporated throughout class.

  • Socks are required. Grippy socks are recommended.  


Looking for a high intensity circuit style of workout in your life? A workout that make you feel like you sweat for hours but you're in and out in under an hour? Look no further than FLEXX Studios 40-minute Bootcamp XX class! We incorporate high intensity drills utilizing different tools, from TRX, weights, gliders, med balls, slam balls, kettlebells and your own body weight! We will work on cardio drills, strength training, core training and then finish off with a fun high energy metabolic conditioning challenge to finish your workout! Get that afterburn calorie blast you've been searching for!

  • Tennis shoes required. 

  • Water bottle is recommended